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County Map of Vermont The Adult Diploma Program is designed specifically for adults with experience in meeting family and work responsibilities. ADP works best with adults age 20 or older who have been out of school for several years. Persons age 18-19 years of age can enroll with a placement form from the ADP assessor in their local center. Students can work at their own pace and at a location convenient to them, tailor assignments to fit with their own experiences and needs, and receive individualized feedback and support from the ADP assessor.

To enroll in ADP, an age-eligible adult has to meet with a local ADP assessor. This assessor can explain more about the program, help secure a placement form if necessary and schedule a time to begin the preliminary assessments.

To find the ADP assessor in the adult education and literacy center nearest you, click on a county from the map.

There are no fees charged to an adult who enrolls in the Adult Diploma Program.

ADP Request to Release Transcript



The Adult Diploma Program (ADP) is an assessment process that requires students to complete performance-based projects to demonstrate performance standards that align with the EFF Content Standards and the Vermont Framework of Standards.

The students are asked to demonstrate these skills on practical tasks relevant to adult lives. For example, a student might be asked to:

  • Write a letter in order to advocate for a particular point of view
  • Compare products and make a purchase decision
  • Calculate and compare interest rates on a loan
  • Read several types of articles in order to research a particular topic
  • Locate community resources to meet a personal or professional need

Completing the assigned tasks will call on the student to gather information, organize and analyze information, draw conclusions, and apply findings to real problems and/or projects. Students complete their tasks at home and meet with an assessor to review it against the list of skills and performance criteria for satisfactory completion.

ADP works with nearly 100 adults each year. Many choose to enroll in ADP because they prefer to work on practical projects rather than take an exam like the GED and because it enables them to earn a high school diploma from their local high school rather than an equivalency certificate.

There are no fees charged to an adult who enrolls in the Adult Diploma Program. ADP costs are reimbursed from the state education fund on a per student basis. The program is operated under the jurisdiction of the Vermont Agency of Education which contracts with an Adult Education and Literacy organization for delivery of ADP services statewide.


Most students take 4-9 months to complete the ADP process. The length of time required varies based on individual schedules and different needs for instruction in conjunction with ADP:

New students begin their ADP experience by completing a series of basic skills assessments. The purpose of this is to determine if the student has the reading, writing, and math skills necessary to complete the take home projects. The student meets with an assessor to complete the written and oral assessments. If the student successfully demonstrates the required reading, writing, and math skills, he/she advances. Students who do not demonstrate the required skills are given a profile of the skills they need to upgrade and a referral to an adult education organization that can provide them with free services. When they have upgraded their skills, they return to ADP and complete a new series of assessments to demonstrate their readiness to advance.

Students in the program demonstrate the completion by five projects. E ach project asks the student to complete a series of tasks. They also will be asked to verify occupational skill during this phase. This can be done through employer evaluation or a performance demonstration with a community expert in the specialized field. Completion of advanced education or training can also be used to demonstrate occupational competency.

As students complete the assigned projects, they build an individual portfolio of their work. This portfolio will be sent to another trained assessor, the Vermont Agency of Education and the diploma granting high school for review and approval.



Adult Diploma Program (ADP) records are accessed through the Agency of Education, Adult Education & Literacy Office. 

If you earned your ADP Credential from 1984-2014, and need required proof of completion by an employer, school, etc., additional replacement copies will be issued for a $3.00 fee per copy.  To request an additional or replacement copy:

  • Download, print, and complete a copy of the Adult Diploma Program – Request to Release Transcript form using the link below.  Complete all portions, sign and date the form.


  • Enclose a MONEY ORDER (no personal checks will be accepted) for $3.00 (for each transcript requested) made out to:  “Treasurer, State of Vermont”


  • Mail your request form to:

Vermont Agency of Education     
Adult Education & Literacy Office
219 North Main Street, Suite 402            
Barre, VT   05641

  • Please allow two weeks for receipt of transcript.



For questions about Adult Diploma Program transcripts, please call the transcript message line at 802-479-1296.


Toni Marra at or (802) 479-1302

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