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General Educational Development (GED)

As of April 1st 2014, the Vermont Agency of Education will begin no longer accepting paper, phone, fax, or email requests for the fulfillment of GED credentials.  This change is a result of the 2014 GED program.

The General Educational Development (GED) tests include four exams that, when successfully passed, provide individuals who did not finish high school with an opportunity to earn a secondary school equivalency certificate. Employers, the military, colleges and technical educators and institutions recognize and accept the GED. The tests are designed to measure and represent the knowledge, skills and understanding that current high school seniors learn from their high school education.

GED testing services (including study and tutorial assistance) are available throughout the state. Find the testing center nearest you by clicking on the county you live in on the map.

Records & Transcripts

For GED Test Takers:

Original Certificates and Transcripts
A certificate of completion and a transcript (which includes individual test scores) are issued at no charge when the battery of GED tests have been completed and passed.

Subsequent Requests for Transcripts
When a certificate or transcript is lost or is required for proof of completion by an employer, school, etc., GED test takers who earned a credential before 2014 will now order duplicate copies of transcripts and official Vermont GED certificates online at the GED Credentialing website:

The cost per document is $15.00

Click on the link below to view Frequently Asked Questions about the new GED Credentialing Service.  If you have earned your GED credential and do not have access to the Internet, you may call the toll-free GED Credentialing customer service line at (888) 906-4031, and they will walk you through the ordering process.

For Third Party Verification Agencies:

The Vermont Agency of Education is using the services of GED Credentialing to fulfill and verify credential request.  GED Credentialing has partnered with Parchment to provide digital or paper copies of GED Official Transcripts and Vermont GED Certificates to third party verification agencies. 

Parchment has developed a GED Receiver Registration webpage dedicated to helping third party verification agencies register for a receiver account.  The registration process is free.  To register to become a Parchment receiver, go to:

Once you have registered for a receiver account, a Parchment representative will contact you to assist you in setting-up a receiver account. Users will be charged $15.00 for each digital or paper copy of an official GED transcript or digital/paper copy of an official Vermont GED certificate. 

Contact Information

For general questions about GED transcripts and certificates, please call the transcript message line at 802-479-1296 or email


Heather Bouchey at or (802) 479-1166

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