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High School Completion Program

In 2006, the Vermont Legislature established the HSCP to provide enrolled and un-enrolled learners, ages 16 and up, with educational services of the scope and rigor needed for the attainment of a high school diploma. Today, the program serves students still enrolled in high school. This program allows a student, in collaboration with the Adult Education & Literacy (AEL) provider and high school, to create an individual graduation education plan that offers engaging and effective learning opportunities to meet the needs of the individual. While a student's existing transcript is used as a baseline for service planning, the HSCP was not intended to be a traditional credit-based credential program. Graduation education plans are based on the individual student's skills, needs and goals.

The AEL provider is responsible for the program and for managing individual plans. Local high schools and the AEL provider, in partnership with the student, develop and agree to individual plans. Both the high school and the AEL provider, along with other community providers may be responsible for services. A full array of educational services may be included in the graduation education plan. All types of planned learning opportunities such as tutoring, courses, workshops, work-based and service learning projects, mentoring and internships that focus on secondary level academic and technical or occupational skill development can be included. Some students may be able to take postsecondary courses and earn college credit. Upon successful completion, the student earns a diploma from the partnering high school.

The process for determining eligibility and fit for this program begins with assessments in reading, writing, and math. Click here to find the AEL provider in your geographic area.

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High School Completion Program (Act 176)

The purpose of the high school completion program is to provide learners, ages 16-21 inclusive, with educational services of the scope and rigor needed for the attainment of a local high school diploma. Individual graduation plans are designed to offer youth engaging and effective learning opportunities that fit the personal needs and interests of each student. These learning opportunities can be provided by a wide range of organizations – local high schools, Adult Education & Literacy providers, and community agencies that offer educational services such as community action programs, parent/child centers, teen parent programs, technical training programs, homeless programs, youth employment programs and private schools. Additional information and resources are provided below:


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