NECAP Test Security Alert

The Agency of Education strongly encourages principals to review
guidelines governing electronic devices with test administrators, and to inform students that posting photos of NECAP tests may result in disciplinary action. Download the relevant section of the Test Administrator's Guide on page 7.


This program coordinates the implementation and administration of all components of the Vermont Comprehensive Assessment System (CAS), including the development of alternate assessments, assessments that have been modified to accommodate the specific testing needs of students who have disabilities. The team also identifies, analyzes, and reports on outcomes and data measured by the CAS.

Established by the State Board of Education in 1996, the Vermont Comprehensive Assessments System (CAS) evaluates student performance in the state's schools, based on Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities,with the goal of improving teaching and learning. Statewide assessments include:

Schools also assess student performance in additional subject areas and at additional grade levels using portfolios (collections of student work), norm-referenced standardized tests, and locally developed assessments.


Michael Hock, Director of Educational Assessment, at or (802) 479-1288

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