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New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP)


Since 2005, Vermont students have been participating in the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP), a series of reading, writing, mathematics and science achievement tests, administered annually, which were developed in collaboration with the Rhode Island and New Hampshire departments of education. There are no native language versions of the NECAP assessments. The NECAP tests measure students' academic knowledge and skills relative to the Grade Expectations for Vermont's Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities. Student scores are reported at four levels of academic achievement; Proficient with Distinction, Proficient, Partially Proficient and Substantially Below Proficient. Reading and math are assessed in grades 3-8 and 11, writing is assessed in grades 5, 8 and 11, and science is assessed in grades 4, 8 and 11. The reading, math and writing tests are administered each year in October. The science tests are administered in May. Use the following links to view:


Fall 2013 NECAP Information


2013 NECAP Test Administration Window
The administration window for this year's New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests is October 1-23, 2013. All Vermont students in grades 3 through 8 and 11, including publicly funded students attending programs outside of the sending schools and private independent schools, should participate unless a student qualifies for alternate assessment or an exemption for medical reasons, family emergency or personal crisis. Each school is responsible for creating its own testing schedule but should consider religious holidays and/or local events that may impact students' ability to participate. Schools should plan make-up test sessions toward the end of the administration window for students who miss testing for any reason.

For planning purposes, also note that the NECAP Science test administration for grades 4, 8, and 11 will be May 5-22, 2014.


Ordering NECAP Tests in Braille or Large Print for the Fall Assessment
Braille and large print tests for the fall Reading and Mathematics assessment in October can be ordered through the NECAP Service Center at 1-877-632-7774 beginning this week. Orders must be placed before August 16, 2013. This deadline is necessary to ensure that the appropriate quantities can be produced in time for the test shipments in early September. The student's grade, name, and state assigned student ID number are required to place an order. Orders for Braille tests must also indicate if a contracted or uncontracted version is needed.

  Recommendations for Use of NECAP Extended Writing Responses Returned to Schools
With the release of the 2010 NECAP assessment results, all Vermont students' Extended Writing Responses were returned to their schools in a CD format. We believe that this information provides a tremendous opportunity for our teachers, students, and families to promote effective writing instruction, as well as increased student engagement in their own learning. The Department has created recommendations for the effective use of the student writing at the local level.

Advisory on Commercial Instructional Materials Using the Term NECAP
There are currently a number of test preparation materials on the market that include NECAP in the title. These items have not been authorized or reviewed by the Vermont Agency of Education. The department does not endorse any commercial products or vouch for the quality of their effectiveness. Classroom instruction that is aligned with Vermont Standards and Grade Expectations, along with activities that increase student familiarity with various testing formats, is the best way to prepare students for our state assessments. Released items and practice tests for math, science, reading and writing are available at no cost on the NECAP Resources page. For questions or information, contact Michael Hock at (802) 479-1288 or michael.hock@vermont.gov.


NECAP Assessment Results
The NECAP reading, writing, mathematics and science tests measure students' academic knowledge and skills relative to Grade Expectations which were developed by teams of teachers from Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Reading and math are assessed in grades 3-8 and 11, writing is assessed in grades 5, 8 and 11, and science is assessed in grades 4, 8 and 11. The reading, math and writing tests are administered each year in October. The science tests are administered in May. View the most recent data reports.

NECAP Resources
Use this link for information and links to practices tests, released test items, manuals and workshop materials for reading, writing, mathematics and science, as well as other resources such as tip sheets, hundreds tables, multiplication charts, scoring guides, alignment charts, target documents, test taking strategies, unifying themes, etc.


NECAP Accommodations Guide for 2010
This booklet includes the Table of Approved NECAP Accommodations with explanations and suggestions for use, guidelines and procedures for requesting approval of unique accommodations, an accommodations planning process, and other information on how to administer the NECAP tests to students with special assessment needs.


Demystifying Statewide Assessment for Students with Disabilities (SWDs)
This presentation document provides resources and ideas for supporting the participation of SWDs in the NECAP in a more meaningful and reasonable way. NOTE: This file is 5MB.


Michael Hock, Director of Educational Assessment, at michael.hock@vermont.gov or (802) 479-1288

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