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This page contains materials that may be useful for preparing students for the NECAP assessments.

  Extended Response Scoring Guides 
This document provides literacy scoring rubrics for the Extended Writing Prompts at grades 5 and 8 (Test Session 2).

Hundreds Table and Multiplication Chart
Students in grades 3 through 8 will be permitted to use 100s charts and multiplication charts during NECAP mathematics testing. However, they must use the "official" NECAP support materials, which may be downloaded below:


Mathematics Reference Sheets
New this year are Mathematics Reference Sheets which will now include the Cartesian distance formula and the formula for measures of interior angles of a polygon. Protractors will no longer be provided since they are not needed to answer any of the math items at these two grades.


Tip Sheets
The NECAP Tip Sheets will help teachers prepare students in grades 3-8 for the NECAP testing. The tip sheets cover important terms that may be new to some students, as well as information on using "bubble sheets" and the math assessment "tool kit." Special tips for the grades 5 and 8 writing test are also provided.


Writing Reference Sheet (Grades 5 and 8)
All students at grades 5 and 8 will once again participate in the writing test and receive scores. Last year's writing pilot test provided excellent data which will inform the next several years of administration. Changes include the following:

  • Session 2, the extended writing prompt, formerly included a planning box with three short questions. At grade 5 the planning boxes have been
    replaced by a checklist that identifies elements that should be included in "a complete response". At grade 8 the planning boxes have been replaced by a bulleted list of "things to consider before writing" in addition to the checklist. The planning boxes did not appear in last year's pilot test, but have appeared in released item materials from previous years.
  • A minor change in formatting: A bold heading now identifies the type of writing required for each constructed response and extended response.
  • The presentation of stimulus materials for the report writing prompt may now occur in either a web or bulleted list format. Formerly, materials were presented in bulleted lists only.

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