Tobacco Use Prevention Program

2017 Comprehensive School-Based Tobacco Use Prevention Grant

According to the American Lung Association, nearly 90% of current adult smokers began smoking by their 18th birthday thus making delayed initiation of cigarette smoking a priority in order to eliminate tobacco-related disease; the most preventable cause of death and disability in Vermont and in America today.

Great strides have been made in reducing the overall youth cigarette smoking rate in Vermont. However, across Vermont Supervisory Unions and Districts there exist statistically significant disparities in youth smoking behavior revealed in the 2013 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey and confirmed in the recently released 2015 Vermont Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

With reduced funding support from the Tobacco Settlement Fund to school-based efforts anticipated, the Vermont Agency of Education redesigned their grant funding approach in 2016. Their new approach provides increased funding of $30,000 to each of 19 Supervisory Unions and Districts through a competitive grant process driven by the following criteria: youth smoking rate, poverty rate, adult (county) smoking rate together with the robustness of a six strategy work plan (Assessment, Policy, Curriculum, Teen Smoking Cessation, Youth Asset Development, and Community Engagement) to reduce both youth smoking  and youth e-cigarette use rate by 5% by 2020, respectively and the SU/SD having in place an infrastructure for success to put the work plan into action.

Supervisory Unions and Districts Awarded Grant Funding in 2017


Supervisory Union or District

Grant Coordinator 

Assistant Grant Coordinator

Ranked #1

Caledonia North SU

Bella McCartney

Robert Coathup

Ranked #2

North Country SU

Casey Boyle-Eldridge

Edith Beatty

Ranked #3

Franklin Northeast SU

Sandra Brauer

Coori Sellers

Ranked #4

Windham Southwest SU

Cindy Hayford

Christine Colella

Ranked #5

Essex North SU

Joanne Dickson

Megan Prehemo

Ranked #6

Caledonia Central SU

Rose Sheehan

Vanessa Koch

Ranked #7

St Johnsbury SD

Brian O’Farrell

Deborah Lee

Ranked #8

White River Valley SU

Cynthia Powers

Amelia Lincoln

Ranked #9

Springfield SD

Jennifer Anderson

Krystina Fernandez

Ranked #10

Windham Northeast SU

Jane Mitchell

Bruce Downer

Ranked #11

Windham Southeast SU

Pamela Corbett

Paul Smith


Barre SU

Dawn Poitras

PJ LaPerle

Ranked #13

Burlington SD

Peggy Weaver

Barry Gruessner

Ranked #14

Windsor Central SU

Gretchen Czaja

Biz Alessi

Ranked #15

Addison Rutland SU

Stephanie Kennedy

Sherri Nichols

Ranked #16

Franklin Northwest SU

Joanna Jerose

Rebecca Hart

Ranked #17

Washington West SU

Mara Urban

Susan Neill

Ranked #18

Rutland City SD

Robert Bliss

Maryann Welch

Ranked #19

Lamoille South SU

Kelly Saphier

Amanda Locke

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Robert Uerz, Tobacco Use Prevention Education Coordinator, at or (802) 479-1437

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