Business Management

  The agency's business management staff is responsible for a wide range of accounting and business functions, including budget preparation, invoice processing, payroll processing, expense accounting, purchasing, financial analysis, facilities management, and grants management and accounting.

Quarterly Report of Disbursements and Estimated Requirements for Cash (VT-AOE 2.0 - Version 2013)
This report is submitted quarterly for each grant agreement received from the Vermont Agency of Education until the grant period ends and all obligations are liquidated. Please refer to the "instruction" tab in the spreadsheet for help in filling out the report. For other questions about this report, call the accountant listed on the contact information page in your grant agreement.


Revenue Codes
These four digit codes and descriptions are used to identify revenues advanced by this agency. The codes are included on the stub of the checks received from the Vermont Department of Finance. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) codes related to the federal programs required for Single Audits by OMB Circular A-133 are also included.

  Kathy Flanagan, Assistant Division Director
(802) 479-1766 (P)

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