Program Approval


In order for the programs to be offered for students at Vermont's regional technical centers and comprehensive high schools, approval must be granted. The director at the center where the program will reside must provide evidence demonstrating that:

  • The regional advisory board sees the need;
  • The program has its own advisory committee providing curriculum and industry support;
  • The job market and industry support the establishment of the program;
  • Sufficient planning is provided for gender equity and balance in the recruitment of students;
  • Program content meets the Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities;
  • The program has Vermont State Board approved competencies.
  • Appropriate equipment and facilities are provided to run the program;
  • The program offers industry credentials if appropriate to the industry and/or postsecondary articulations;
  • A licensed teacher will deliver the course.

The approval process can be met within a short period of time; the supporting documentation and required signatures can be completed in a couple of months. The program approval process provides for consistency of program structure, supports industry involvement and ensures compliance with state regulations. The process also encourages innovation in program type and structure where pertinent.


The wide variety of programs offered in Vermont's career technical centers and comprehensive high schools must receive final approval from the Commissioner of Education.

All approved programs approved fall under one of the following three categories:

Technical Education Programs
Technical education programs provide at least an average of 120 minutes per day or 600 minutes per week of training in academic, workplace and occupational skills.

Pre-Tech Exploratory Programs
Pre-tech exploratory programs offer students applied academics in nontraditional career exploration, pre-technical education and decision making. Programs are offered for grades 9 or 10 and given for 2 or 4 hours per day.

Pre-Tech Foundational Programs
Pre-tech foundational programs are part of a three or four year sequence and meet an average of 200 minutes per week for students in grades 9 or 10. These programs familiarize students with occupations in a career cluster area and instruct students in foundational core academic and occupational skills.

View Vermont State Board of Education rules and regulations (Section 2380, pages 17-19) governing the program approval process.


Program Approval Process
This document and the form below are provided to guide educators and administrators through the approval process in developing a new program or making substantial changes to an existing program. The approval checklist and related documentation must be submitted with all required signatures to the department for final approval.


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