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The following titles link to competencies for career and technical education programs being offered in Vermont. Competencies are derived from a collaboration between education and industry and reflect what a student should know and be able to do within a specified scope of a career field. Students demonstrate the acquisition of these competencies through an array of assessments occurring throughout the learning process including portfolio, performance, and structured observation assessments.

  Agricultural Mechanics (CIP: 01.0201)
  Animation & Web Design(CIP: 10.0304)
  Auto Body Repair(CIP: 47.0603)

Automotive Technology (CIP: 47.0604)

  Aviation Technology (CIP: 47.0607)  
  Business-Administration Information Support (CIP: 52.0407)
  Business-Financial Support Occupations (CIP: 52.0305)

Business-Management (CIP: 52.0101)

  Child Care Human Services (CIP: 19.0709)
  Communications Technology (CIP: 09.0702)
  Computer Installation & Repair (CIP: 47.0104)
  Computer Network Management (CIP: 11.0901)
  Computer Programming (CIP: 11.0201)

Construction Trades (CIP: 46.0000)

  Cosmetology (CIP: 12.0401)
  Culinary Arts (CIP: 12.0500)
  Culinary Management (CIP: 12.0504)
  Dental Assisting (CIP: 51.0601)
  Design Visual Communication (CIP: 50.0401)
  Diesel/Truck Mechanic (CIP: 47.0605)
  Diversified Agriculture (CIP: 01.0302)
  Drafting & Design (CIP: 15.1301)
  Electrical/Electronics Occupations (CIP: 46.0302)
  Electrical Engineering Technology (CIP: 15.0303)
  Emergency & Fire Management (CIP:43.0203)
  Engineering Technician (CIP: 15.0000)
  Engineering Year 2 (CIP: 14.0101)
  Environmental Technology (CIP: 15.0507)
  Forestry/Natural Resources (CIP: 03.0501)
  Graphic Arts(CIP: 10.0305)
  Health Careers(CIP: 51.1102)
  Health Information Management (CIP: 51.0716)
  Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (CIP: 15.0501)
  Heavy Equipment (CIP: 49.0202)
  Horticulture (CIP: 01.0601)
  Hotel Management(CIP: 52.0904)
  Human Services (CIP: 19.0707)
  Industrial Maintenance (CIP: 47.0105)
  Industrial Mechanics(CIP: 47.0303)
  Law Enforcement (CIP: 43.0107)
  Legal Services (CIP: 22.0001)
  Marketing (CIP: 52.1401)
  Multimedia Design (CIP: 11.0801)
  Ophthalmic Medical Assisting (CIP: 51.1802)

Performing Arts(CIP: 50.0501)

  Performing Arts - Dance (CIP: 50.0301)
  Precision Machining Technology (CIP: 48.0503)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Agriculture (CIP: PTF01)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Architecture (CIP: PTF02)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Arts, A/V Technology & Communications (CIP: PTF03)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Business & Marketing (Entrepreneurship) (CIP: PTF21)
Not yet available
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Business Management & Administration, Finance (CIP: PTF04)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Health (CIP: PTF08)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Hospitality & Tourism (CIP: PTF09)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Information Technology (CIP: PTF11)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Law, Public Safety & Security (CIP: PTF12)
  Pre-Tech Foundations in Manufacturing (CIP: PTF13)
  Printing (CIP: 10.0301)
  Restaurant Management (CIP: 52.0905)
  Salon Management (CIP: 12.0412)
  Teacher Education (CIP: 13.1206)
  Video Production (CIP: 50.0602)
  Web/Multimedia Management(CIP: 11.1004)
  Welding/Metal Fabrication (CIP: 48.0508)
  Woodworking (CIP: 48.0700)
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