Mathematics & Science Partnership (MSP)

The goals of the MSP are: 1) to increase the academic achievement of students in mathematics and science by enhancing the content knowledge and teaching skills of classroom teachers; 2) to build statewide capacity for professional development of K-12 staff by establishing networks of highly skilled teacher leaders in mathematics and science; and 3) to develop partnerships among K-12 educators, STEM faculty, and higher education personnel. Funds from the MSP are currently being used to support high quality professional development programs in Vermont.

2015-2016 Mathematics and Science Partnerships (MSP) Program Grant Applications

Audience: Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, Principals, STEM Higher Ed Faculty There are two categories of applications for the 2015-2016 MSP grant competition. The project that is awarded the Leadership Grant will focus on the development of a cadre of highly competent science teacher leaders who can support the implementation of Next Generation Science Standards. One grant for up to $300,000 will be awarded to a partnership that includes educators from high-need schools and higher education STEM faculty.

The Innovation Grant Application provides an opportunity for projects to explore innovative STEM practices. Up to three projects will be funded for a maximum of $50,000.

Letters of intent are due by January 15, 2015. For more information, contact Pat Fitzsimmons, MSP Coordinator, at (802) 479-1425 or

Mathematics and Science Partnership Projects July 2014 – June 2015

Key Changes/Improvements for 2013-2014:


Pat Fitzsimmons, Common Core/Math & Science Partnership Coordinator, at or (802) 479-1425

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