Portfolio/Problem Solving Resources

  Using Writing and Mathematics Portfolios to Improve Student Learning
Developed by the department's Standards & Assessment division as a companion to an announcement of a change in past writing and mathematics calibration practice, this three-part document details an effort to support schools in their use of writing and mathematics portfolios for both local assessment and instructional purposes. This includes a vision for using portfolios to improve student learning, resources made available by the department, and suggested models for the implementation of the vision in both mathematics and writing.

Mathematics Portfolio Data Analysis Tool
This tool is designed for teachers, schools and districts using mathematics portfolios for local assessment purposes in grades K-12. The tool allows teachers to input student scores for each criteria beneath the content strand each portfolio task addresses, and automatically creates pie charts showing the percentage of students who performed at each level. The tool may be used to graph the performance of a class, a subgroup of students in a class or school, a grade or grade cluster, or the performance of individual children. If using this tool for an individual child, users would insert the name of each portfolio task in the field below 'student name'. The tool will automatically create a pie chart showing the score point percentage for each criterion.


Achievement Levels 
Mathematics problem solving achievement levels for grades K-4 define students' overall performance on portfolio tasks and are based on individual scores for the student's Approach and Reasoning, Connections, Solution, Mathematical Language, Mathematical Representation and Documentation.


Calibration (Updated 1/23/08)
Use this link to view the 2007 calibration set that includes tasks for grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and high school. Each set includes 2 warm up pieces and 10 tasks as well as scores and rationales. The calibration sets offer numerous possibilities for supporting teachers in refining their scoring practices as well as providing opportunities to define professional development needs.

  Permission to Use Student Work Letter 
The department is always seeking samples of student work to use in professional development with teachers. No student work is used without parental permission. Educators can download this letter for parents to sign, giving permission to use the work of their child for purposes of teacher training. All identifying information is removed from the work before it is used.
  For more information about any of the these resources, contact Kathy Renfrew at (802) 479-1448 or kathy.renfrew@vermont.gov.

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