School Quality Standards (SQS)


Vermont statutes (16 V.S.A. ยง165) require the State Board of Education to adopt School Quality Standards (SQS) as well as a process for monitoring their implementation in each public school in the state. The purpose "is to ensure that all students in Vermont public schools are afforded educational opportunities that are substantially equal" and that allow them to achieve or exceed the expectations of Vermont state standards. The SQS were most recently revised in 2006.

  Vermont State Board Manual of Rules & Practices: School Quality Standards (Rule 2000)
Use this link to view the current regulations in PDF or view the Standards as a Web page.
  SQS Review Process Handbook
This document is meant to guide schools through the process of completing the SQS Status Report and participating in periodic site visits.
  SQS Online Status Report for 2006-2007
Every two years, public schools and technical centers will be asked to complete an SQS Status Report online. Use the link above to view the information that was requested on the first report.

SQS Review Process Roll-out Meeting Presentation Materials
The department provided building and district level administration with an overview of the SQS review process with two regional, half-day rollout meetings in March 2007. Presentation materials are provided below in the following formats:



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