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Act 62: Publicly Funded Prekindergarten Education

Act 62 was signed into law in 2007 and has been in effect since the Act 62 rules were adopted in 2008. It provides state and local support for publiclyfunded prekindergarten education (PreK) for 3-5 year old children. Since its adoption, approximately 5,000 children participate in publicly funded PreK on an annual basis. Under Act 62, the provision of publicly funded PreK is voluntary; it allows interested communities to provide limited prekindergarten education services in quality settings.

With the passage of Act 166, several of the provisions in the Act 62 rules have been replaced. However, the sections of the law and rules regarding partnerships, districts’ voluntary participation, access, and tuition payments remain the same.

Act 62: An Act Relating to Prekindergarten Education

View the law as approved by the Vermont Legislature in June 2007.

Vermont State Board of Education Rule 2600: Rules Governing Prekindergarten Education

The Prekindergarten Education rules which govern the implementation of publicly funded prekindergarten education have been in effect since July 1, 2008. They were recently amended in order to strengthen the community needs assessment process, include "potentially qualified providers," and shorten the appeal process. These amendments are effective January 16, 2011. If you have questions, please contact Manuela Fonseca at manuela.fonseca@vermont.gov or (802) 479-1418.


Manuela Fonseca at manuela.fonseca@vermont.gov or (802) 479-1418

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