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Sample Educational Support Team (EST) Forms
View a sample EST referral packet and EST plan developed by the educational support system team in collaboration with schools. Schools are welcome to use and/or adapt these forms in order to best meet the needs of their team, students and staff.

  Staff Evaluation of Educational Support Team  
This staff evaluation tool provides a way for all staff to provide their perspective on the overall functioning and effectiveness of the educational support team at their school. The results of the assessment offer the EST an opportunity to analyze the feedback and make adjustments where necessary.
  Educational Support Team Self-Assessment  
This evaluative tool guides ESTs to look closely at the structure and functioning of their team and to make adjustments based on compiled results. The self-assessment allows members to analyze their effectiveness in providing support to students. Areas of inquiry include a review of the referral process, forms and documentation, EST meeting and team functioning, student review and follow-up processes, confidentiality protocols, data procedures, and school and community-wide communication.
  The following brochures were developed by Braintree School and are provided here for viewing purposes only. Schools are welcome to adapt either brochure to reflect their own school information. Contact the ESS consultants for a Word or a rich text format (RTF) version of either of these documents.

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