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Educational Technology

The Agency's Educational Technology program works in close partnership with organizations across the state, including Vita-Learn, school leadership entities and the regional ESA's to provide guidance in policy matters and to coordinate a diverse array of educational technology initiatives, including technology planning, distance learning and technology leadership.

E-Rate Resources for Fall 2014 E-Rate season—E-Rate Modernization 2.0

In July of 2014, the FCC passed a new order focused specifically on changes to the E-rate program. These changes are focused on three main areas: Wifi connectivity, maximizing returns on E-rate dollars and streamlining the application process. The AOE will lead a short series of webinars starting in mid-September to assist schools and help them understand the changes to the program. There are also national and regional offerings from various constituent groups to help schools understand the changes. We will post invitations to some of these other webinars and resources as they become available. Here are a number of useful links to pertinent information concerning the changes to E-rate:

First, here is a link to the actual E-rate Modernization order, passed on July 11th by the FCC

USAC page with links to ALL things E-rate Modernization (Note eligible services list and in particular, note the items no longer supported)

A link to the staff report pertaining to E-rate Modernization Order from July 11, 2014. Worth a read in terms of detail in some of the items changed

Here is a link to the USAC Training and Resource page that contains training opportunities around the country. (Peter Drescher will be in attendance at the Minneapolis training—more to be shared post-training in mid-October)

Here are some resources along the lines of interpretations as to what the order means to schools:

Vermont Fest 2014 Thursday Session on E-Rate

Recordings of the AOE webinars on E-rate Modernization:

The links below access recorded archival webinars from the month of September. They represent essentially the same information on each. You will be asked to provide some contact information and then the system will let you download the file to listen to the webinar. These are webinars and have slides but no video of participants.

Sept. 18 webinar

Sept. 25 webinar

E-Rate Modernization Webinar Slides

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