Presentation from CFP Conference: Ed Tech, the Future, SBAC and Policy Work
This powerpoint presentation was put together by Peter Drescher, and contains links and information for our small group work around student data privacy. Thanks to all who were a part of the session.

Educational Technology


The agency's Educational Technology program works in close partnership with organizations across the state, including Vita-Learn, 21st Century Classrooms, and the regional ESA's to provide leadership in policy matters and to coordinate a diverse array of grant and educational technology initiatives, including technology planning, distance learning and technology leadership.


The Vermont Agency of Education has been involved this past winter in the Multi-state Learning Technology Initiative and with the conclusion of the RFP process and final selection of vendors, is pleased to be able to share the proposals that were selected.

FYI:  As of March 7th 2014, contracts at the State level are still pending on this initiative. At this time, it appears Apple will not be included within the State contract portion.  HP and CTL contracts are anticipated to be completed by the end of March 2014.  We apologize for the slow pace of this process.


Education Superhighway Speed Test: Open for the Collection of Broadband Speed Data
The Education Superhighway Speed Test is currently open for the collection of data on broadband speeds. We encourage schools to take the test multiple times to get average overall broadband speeds that we can then use as data to make our case for increasing the development of high quality, high speed Internet access for all schools. Any student, teacher, or school staff member can become part of the movement to upgrade Vermont schools to high-speed Internet.

  1. Go to
  2. Select your school
  3. Test your classroom Internet in under a minute

By collecting 10-20 Speed Tests at every one of Vermont's 300+ schools, we can get a picture of in-class Internet access that will make the case for bigger and better Internet connections for schools across the state. We'll use this data to improve school networks, get ready for SBAC assessment, and ensure our teachers and students are free to use the best online tools right in their classroom. Visit the Education Superhighway website and like them on Facebook.

  Brief Results from Agency of Education Annual Technology Survey
These results are "quick results" from our annual technology survey taken by all schools from Nov. 15 - December 14, 2012. Schools were asked to indicate figures for SY2011-12. Some questions, (clearly indicated) ask for current data. 283 schools reporting.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
In the spring of 2011, the Vermont Agency of Education in conjunction with the Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA), updated the AUP policy guidelines. Schools are encouraged to use this resource as a guideline for planning their individual AUPs. The Vermont Agency of Education encourages schools to move to Responsible Use Policies as they continue to move forward in creating policy in student use of the Internet.

  EdTEch Listserv
Be apprised of grant opportunities via our Ed Tech Listserv. Please note, this is a closed listserv which means you and others in the field cannot post to it, only receive messages from it. Many appreciate this model, as it VT-AOE's not fill your Inbox regularly. To join the Ed Tech Listserv, send an email to Allison Keating and the subject line will automatically put "join EdTEch Listserv".

Vita-Learn Web Site
The Vita-Learn site provides information to educators about state conferences, forums on various topics regional meetings and professional development opportunities for all educators. The agency highly recommends your attendance at the regional Vita-Learn meetings held regularly throughout the school year.

  Peter Drescher, State Coordinator
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