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In 2013, Vermont and two other states developed and implemented the next round of purchasing following the model that Maine has had in place for the past 10 years around 1:1 computing. The process resulted in two contracts being put in place at the State level for the purchase of comprehensive 1:1 technology programs.

Hewlett Packard (HP) and Computer Technology Link (CTL) contracts above were amended in late 2014 to include a CHROMEBOOK solution. To take advantage of this offering you can refer here to the actual contract:



Contract Number

Contact on quotes/ordering

Contract Status



Mike Mahanay –

Ready for purchases



Amy Dupuis-

Pending  January 2015

It should be noted that the amended contracts are structured in a way that schools may choose a menu of options, i.e. device alone, device plus management console, device plus ext. warranty, etc.

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Peter Drescher at or (802) 479-1169

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