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1:1 Program Planning

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  The State of Maine has extensive work and resources in the Maine 121 project, now in its 10th year:
  Locally, Burlington School District has created a One to One Transformation Guide:
  Project Red, a large-scale national project has developed many resources on technology-rich classrooms:
  Digital Wish, here in Vermont, has had success with the E-Vermont program that they worked with to provide 1:1 to a number of schools in Vermont:
  The World Bank has chimed in on the conversation with an international perspective on how 1:1 serves schools and students:
  The Friday Institute, a think-tank devoted to many education issues has released a series of white papers on the topic as well:
  Burlington School District has created a Road Map document with help from Digital Wish that helps in the planning process:
  Jim Moulton, a past consultant for many Vermont schools, has written much for Edutopia. His experience in the Maine 1:1 initiative are clear in his posts:
  An article from Feb. 2012 in Education Week outlines some keys to success in 1:1 programs:

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  The referenced spreadsheet here indicates all Vermont schools and the one to one programs that are reported via 2012 annual technology survey to be in place. In an effort to protect individuals on this public site, the contact folks have not been included. If you would like the information with contacts, please send an email to Peter Drescher, Education Technology Coordinator, at the Agency of Education. Please indicate your role and school in your email.


Peter Drescher at or (802) 479-1169

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