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The statewide Vermont Digital Learning Plan is still being drafted. We expect a draft will be ready for comment in mid-April 2016. In the meantime, we have created a template for Supervisory Unions and Supervisory Districts creating a local Digital Learning Plan.

The Vermont State Plan process has changed slightly moving forward. While Title II-D and E-rate were both Federal requirements for Technology Plans, both of those entities have either ceased to exist, or no longer have a requirement to have a Technology Plan. While that is true, the Vermont Agency of Education still sees tremendous value in having Supervisory Unions and Supervisory Districts create and turn in a three year plan for how technology will support learning. This will become one of the artifacts reviewed in the Education Quality Review process. This plan, now known as the Vermont Digital Learning Plan, will be a three year plan and will be required to be turned in by November 15, 2016. While some plans in the past were on a different cycle, all are now on the same cycle, meaning there should be a submission from each SU or SD for this year. To reiterate, plans are due November 15, 2016.

Technology for Personalized Learning 2012 - 2016

Contains the full plan with introduction, vision, and guiding questions for how the department will work with supervisory unions and districts to move educational technology forward over the next three years. The document also includes the full local plan template, signature pages, resources, and references. There has also been a wiki developed where locals can upload resources for sharing statewide.

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