Educational Technology

Annual Technology Survey

The Annual Technology Survey is administered to all Vermont schools in a cooperative effort between the Vermont Agency of Education, the Vermont Broadband Mapping Initiative, and the Department of Libraries. The data collected serves a vital need in keeping the Vermont Agency of Education abreast of school-based education technology status.

This survey is a required action and one survey must be completed by each school. This survey provides important annual data on broadband activity, access to devices for learning, professional development trends and other items that are often requested by school leaders and legislative representatives.

Online Survey

The survey must be completed online. The online survey can be returned to after partially, BUT, this survey is best completed in one sitting.

Reference File

To help, a reference copy of the survey is available for download. The reference copy is designed to be printed, forwarded, etc. to gather data before entering the official online survey.


The deadline is September 1, 2014 and all schools are required to participate.


Peter Drescher at or (802) 479-1169

Page Last Updated on December 4, 2014