21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC)

This video on summer learning in Vermont highlights the opportunity and need for expanding summer learning programs in Vermont. High quality summer programs can advance learning, build skills and relationships, and contribute substantially to reducing "summer learning loss," particularly for low income learners. The 21st Century Community Learning Center program funds high quality afterschool and summer opportunities., many of which are highlighted in this video.


The Vermont Agency of Education conducts grant competitions for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program. Vermont's 21st CCLC program seeks to enhance students' academic achievement and to foster lifelong interests in the arts, recreation and other areas through high-quality, out-of-school learning opportunities.


Current Grantee Requirements


21st CCLC Grant Application for 2013-2014
The 2013-14 grant competition for the purpose of providing high-quality afterschool and summer extended learning opportunities is now closed. Applications were due February 7, 2014. The application remains for future reference.

Should I Apply for 21c Funds?
This tool is designed to help communities assess if they are ready to apply for 21c funds.

Afterschool Wiki
The wiki will maintain regular updates and detailed information during the competition to support applicants.


21st CCLC Statewide Evaluation Document
View the latest statewide evaluation document using 2012-13 data.

21st CCLC Federal Legislation
View federal legislation regarding allotments to states, the state application, the local competitive grant program, local activities and authorization of appropriations.

Performance Measures in Out-of-School Time Evaluation
A comprehensive list developed by the Harvard Family Research Project of performance measures and guidelines for evaluating programs

Scientific-based Research Resources
A list of Web sites and documents highlighting research studies and databases focused on school improvement and out-of school time programs

Vermont Data Map 1

Vermont Data Map 2


For additional information about the Vermont 21st Century Community Learning Centers program, contact: Emanuel Betz at (802) 479-1396 or emanuel.betz@state.vt.us.

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