Consolidated Federal Programs e-Application (Titles I, IIA, IID, and IV)

This page contains links to all information required to complete the Consolidated Federal Programs e-Application (Titles I, IIA, IID, and IV) and the links needed to complete Ed-Flex waivers, view past applications and complete Title I and Homeless Education reports.
Enterprise Grant Management System (EGMS) e-APPLICATION FOR LEAs
  The CFP application process is to be completed online. The user's guide will assist LEAs in completing the application form.  LEAs are also able to complete ED-Flex Waivers as well as the Title I and Homeless reports online. The links to the users guide and to the e-Application and waivers will open new browser windows to allow users to view the guides while completing the application. NOTE: Access to the guides and the allowable uses list requires the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

FY 2013 Online CFP e-Application for Local Educational Agencies (LEAs)
LEAs may use this link to complete the FY 2013 application and complete FY 2013 amendments to the application.

  • Passwords
    Each LEA is annually assigned a new password to gain access to this site. Passwords were distributed at CFP training sessions held in April & May. Once a user has logged in initially, they will need to change their password by following the prompts on the site. LEAs that need passwords should contact Andrew McAvoy at (802) 479-1105 or
  • Signatures
    The e-Application will be signed using the superintendent's electronic signature. Each superintendent will need to complete a written certification and use the unique identification code sent by the Vermont Agency of Education by registered mail. Superintendents who have not received these documents should contact Andrew McAvoy at (802) 479-1105 or
  • LEA User's Guide for FY 2010 CFP e-Application
    The e-Application User's Guide contains instructions for completing the FY 2010 application online. It also contains step-by-step instructions on how to e-Sign the application.
  Allowable Uses List
This document provides background information for Titles IIA, IID, IV and V regarding the allowable use of funds provided through the No Child Left Behind Act.
  Elementary & Secondary Education Act (as Amended) Hearing & Complaint Process  
This hearing and complaint procedure is one to be used when LEAs allege that the SEA has violated NCLB law or the administration of NCLB programs. It may also be used on those occasions when an LEA's desires State involvement in a local complaint procedure.
  Grants Management/Technical Assistance
Grants management and technical assistance questions about the e-Application should be directed to Ed Haggett at (802) 479-1217 or

Specific Titles or Programs
For questions related to specific titles or programs, contact the appropriate person from the following list:
  Title I
David Baroudi



  Title I
Mary Mulloy


  Title I (Fiscal)
John Leu



  Title II, Part A
(Professional Development)
M.C. Moran



  Title II, Part D
Peter Drescher


  Grants Management and Technical Assistance
Ed Haggett



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