Training Resources & Financial Reports

This page contains PowerPoint presentations covering the cost principals for state and local governments (and schools), non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities as well as links to other resources outside the Vermont Agency of Education.


State of Vermont Time–Table for the Retention of Municipal Records(PDF)
This document identifies all municipal records and describes how long records must be retained before they can be destroyed. The document can be used by school districts as they are form of local government.NOTE: If the local government has been audited and issues were reported in the audit, the records related to the issues must be maintained beyond the retention period listed in the table until the issues have been resolved. If the issues involve state or federal funds, the school district would need to be sure the resolution of the audit issue has been approved by the granting agency before they can be destroyed.

  Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR)
This includes the portion of the U.S. Department of Education regulations dealing with all the general administrative requirements of the department.

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