Health Education

Health Education Resource Center (HERC)

The Vermont Agency of Education operates a Health Education Resource Center (HERC) that maintains a variety of pre-K-12 health education materials. Currently practicing Vermont school and community-based health educators may borrow curricula, books, reference resources, models & kits and audio-visual materials.

Use of these materials is free, but borrowers are responsible for the cost of return postage. Materials can be mailed or picked up in person. To ensure availability of requested materials, please plan ahead and contact the Health Education Resource Center first by calling (802) 479-1854 or by emailing

Currently, the HERC Resources Lists may be downloaded by choosing from the content list below:

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Books & References

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Curriculum & Activities Guides

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Kits & Visual Aids

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs CD-ROM

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs DVD

Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs VHS

Comprehensive Health

Comprehensive Health Books & References

Comprehensive Health Curriculum & Activities Guides

Comprehensive Health Kits & Visual Aids

Comprehensive Health DVD

Emotional & Mental Health

Emotional & Mental Health Books & References

Emotional & Mental Health Curriculum & Activities Guides

Emotional & Mental Health DVD

Emotional & Mental Health VHS

Family Life

Family Life Books & References


HIV/AIDS Books & References

HIV/AIDS Curriculum & Activities Guides

HIV/AIDS Documents



Media Literacy

Media Literacy Kits & Visual Aids

Media Literacy CD-ROM

Media Literacy DVD

Media Literacy VHS


Nutrition Books & References

Nutrition Curriculum & Activities Guides

Nutrition Kits & Visual Aids

Nutrition CD-ROM

Nutrition DVD

Nutrition & Physical Activity DVD

Nutrition VHS

Personal Health

Personal Health Books & References

Personal Health Curriculum & Activities Guides

Personal Health DVD

Personal Health VHS

Physical Activity

Physical Activity Books & References

Physical Activity Curriculum & Activities Guides

Physical Activity Kits & Visual Aids

Physical Activity CD-ROM

Physical Education

Physical Education Books & References

Physical Education Curriculum & Activities Guides


Safety Books & References

Safety Curriculum & Activities Guides

Safety DVD

Safety VHS

Sexual Health

Sexual Health Books & References

Sexual Health Curriculum & Activities Guides

Sexual Health DVD

Sexual Health VHS


Health Education Resource Center at or (802) 479-1854

Page Last Updated on January 5, 2015