Secondary School Renewal & Innovation

High School Completion (Act 44)

High school completion is highlighted in Act 44 with a goal of increasing the high school graduation rate to 100 percent by 2020. There are several provisions directed toward strengthening support for students who would benefit from flexible pathways to graduation.

High Schools on the Move: Renewing Vermont's Commitment to Quality Secondary Education

In 1999, the State Board of Education charged the Agency of Education to convene a task force to address critical issues facing Vermont’s secondary schools. This document, based on the work of the task force, presented a vision for secondary school renewal and innovation in the state. It served as a call to action and a toolkit to help educators and communities chart their own courses for secondary school change.

Roots of Success: Effective Practices in Vermont Schools

The Vermont Agency of Education, with the help of an advisory panel representing K-12 schools and higher education, studied what it takes for schools—and therefore students, particularly low-income students—to succeed. A combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods was employed to identify the characteristics common to effective schools. Through a large-scale survey of more than 2000 Vermont teachers in 87 schools across the state as well as intensive site visits to three schools that are “beating the odds” (schools whose Reading and Mathematics scores on state assessments defy expectations and exceed those of other schools with similar demographics), the panel discovered a set of attitudes and beliefs as well as specific school practices that are associated with student, particularly low-income, success. These characteristics form the foundation for school effectiveness and are essential to ensuring that all children, regardless of background or socioeconomic status, reach their full potential.


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