High School Completion


High school completion is highlighted in Act 44 with a goal of increasing the high school graduation rate to 100 percent by 2020. There are several provisions directed toward strengthening support for students who would benefit from flexible pathways to graduation.

  • 16 V.S.A. § 2903 has been amended to direct educational support teams (ESTs) to determine which enrolled students require additional assistance to be successful in school, based upon indicators set forth in guidelines developed by the Commissioner of Education. The ESTs are also directed to develop individual educational plans, in collaboration with the student's parents or legal guardian if possible, to assist identified students in completing high school.

  • 16 V.S.A. § 1049(a) expands the High School Completion Program by providing for the participation of students who are still enrolled, in a public or approved independent school, in graduation education plans. Previously only students who were no longer enrolled in school were eligible for the high school completion program. Students may work toward completion of the graduation plan with a "contracting agency" that provides adult education services. Upon completion of such a plan, the student will be awarded a high school diploma in the student's district of residence.

  • The legislature directed the Commissioner to: develop and publish guidelines for developing graduation education plans; develop and publish guidelines to identify and support elementary and secondary school students who require support or who could benefit from alternative pathways to graduation; evaluate existing practices and programs in Vermont schools to support success and graduation; and identify those schools that need assistance to begin or enhance school completion programs and practices.

  • The Commissioner is also directed to develop an accurate, uniform and reliable method for defining and measuring high school completion rates on a school by school basis and set benchmarks for assessing schools progress toward increasing the school completion rate to 100 percent by 2020. Every year up to 2020 the Commissioner must report the state's progress toward this goal to the legislature, and schools must also report their progress to the electorate when school budgets are presented for approval.

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