Independent School Approval

The independent school approval process is responsible for ensuring that Vermont's Independent Schools meet Vermont’s rule-based and statutory requirements for general education, and, if appropriate, special education services. There are two types of independent schools:

Additionally, statute provides for tutorial programs, distance learning schools, and programs for pregnant and postpartum pupils. For more information about these programs, please contact Pat Pallas Gray (contact information listed below).

Schools Directory

This Vermont Approved or Recognized Independent (Private) Schools Directory contains contact information for approved and recognized independent schools, approved tutorials and distance learning schools, pregnant and parenting programs
and state operated facilities.

Independent Schools

Processes for Obtaining Approval to Serve Special Education Students in Vermont Independent Schools

Approval for independent schools, general and special education, is pursuant to 16 V.S.A § 166, and the Vermont State Board of Education (SBE) rules 2220-2227 and 2228. Review the full Processes for Obtaining Approval to Serve Special Education Students in Vermont Independent Schools.

Independent School News

Here are the Special Education Rate Setting forms to be completed by special education approved independent schools who want to change their special education rate for the 2016-2017 school year.

Approved Independent School Applications

Recognized Schools

Recognized Schools Enrollment Notice Form

The Recognized Schools Enrollment Notice Form is required to be submitted annually as a part of maintaining a school's recognized independent school status. Completed forms must be received by the agency prior to the 2016-2017 opening of public schools in your area.


Patricia Pallas Gray at or (802) 479-1199

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