Innovative Programs (Title V, Part A)


Part of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Title V, Part A provides formula grants to State and local educational agencies (SEAs and LEAs) and is designed to increase the academic achievement of, and improve the quality of education for all students. Under title V, Part A, SEAs and LEAs may use funds in a variety of ways. The driving focus, however, is to increase academic achievement. The statutory purposes of the program are:

  • To support local education reform efforts that are consistent with and support statewide education reform efforts; implement promising educational reform programs and school improvement programs based on scientifically based research; provide a continuing source of innovation and educational improvement, including support for programs to provide library services and instructional and media materials; meet the educational needs of all students, including at-risk youth.
  • To develop and implement education programs to improve school, student, and teacher performance, including professional development activities and class size reduction programs.
    • Private school students, teachers and other education personnel may receive professional development, library materials, educational equipment, and repair and minor remodeling or construction of public facilities.
    • Other activities may include community service programs; consumer education; purchase of computer hardware and software; programs to hire and support school nurses; school-based mental health services; programs for cardiopulmonary resuscitation training in schools; and parent and community involvement.

Innovative Programs Fact Sheet
View a brief description and a summary of the statutory purposes of the program.

Online CFP e-Application/e-Amendments for Local Educational Agencies (LEAs)
LEAs (supervisory unions/districts) may view online the e-Application/e-Amendments for the consolidated federal programs. Funds are allocated to each LEA based on federal formulas and allocation amounts. Consolidated funds include:

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