Residential Review


The department's residential review process was created by statute in order to ensure that teams who are considering residential services for a student understand the full range of educational options available as early in the process as possible.

A school district must notify the department when it believes residential placement is a possible option for inclusion in a student's IEP. The residential review process begins when an school district sends a notification form which indicates the IEP team is considering residential placement or when there is a parental inquiry for residential placement and the department has received the IEP and Comprehensive Evaluation from the school district.
  Vermont Statues and Rules Governing Residential Placement
View the appropriate statute and State Board of Education rule governing residential review.

Assessment Guidance for Residentially Placed Students
Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) are responsible to ensure that students placed in residential programs in Vermont, either by state agencies and approved through the Case Review Committee, or by the school district through the IEP process, are assessed with the same grade level assessments that their public school peers are assessed with, such as the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP). For information or questions, contact Mike Mulcahy, Interagency Coordinator.


Description of Forms for Potential Residential Placement of Students

  • Residential Forms
    This document contains three forms for use when considering, verifying and/or terminating a residential placement.
  • Special Education Expenditure Report Form (Worksheet B)Clicking this link will open an Excel file.
    This is the request for reimbursement for students whose costs exceed $50,000. The department requires comprehensive evaluations and IEP’s that cover all of the dates of service for which reimbursement is requested.


Mike Mulcahy at or (802) 479-1223

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