State-Placed Students

Students who are placed outside of their school district by a state agency or a licensed child placement agency, or who are residing in a program for pregnant and parenting women, or are placed in a residential treatment facility by a state agency are considered "state-placed".

Sometimes children need additional supports and services beyond what the school is providing. Act 264 is a law that ensures coordination of services for students with an emotional disability who are receiving services from more than one agency for example their local school and the local Mental Health Clinic. With the reauthorization of the Interagency Agreement under IDEIA, the Agency of Human Services is seeking to extend the coordination of services to other populations of children it serves such as those who have a developmental disability or those in need of substance abuse treatment.

General Education Tuition Reimbursement Request for a State Placed Student

16 V.S.A. § 4012(b) allows a school district to request reimbursement by submitting tuition bills and documentation of payment to the Secretary of Education for students who are considered state placed students. The Secretary shall make reimbursement twice a year, once for requests submitted prior to January 1 and once for requests submitted prior to May 1. Requests submitted on or following May 1 shall be reimbursed in the next payment. Please complete the form, obtain an authorized signature and mail to the Agency of Education. Electronic submissions of the completed form will not be accepted.

Special Services Request for Reimbursement & Billing Forms for a State-Placed Student Who is NOT Special Education Eligible

16 V.S.A. §2950(a) allows The Secretary of Education to grant reimbursement of non-special education funds for students who are considered State Placed Students (SPS).  The Secretary may approve any costs incurred in educating a State Placed Student who is not eligible for special education that are incurred due to the special needs of the student, and, if approved the Secretary shall pay those costs.  Presently, reimbursements for general education/State Placed Students costs are provided to school districts based on a prioritization of need and the continued availability of funds. 

The forms requires a signature. Please complete the form and print a copy and mail to the Agency of Education with an original signature. Electronic versions of the completed forms will not be accepted.

Count of State-Placed Students

IEP Calculation Sheet and District Special Education Program Calculation Sheet

Two worksheets have been prepared that school districts need to use when they are billing on Worksheet A for portions of their staff for specialized instruction for state-placed students and need to bill for more than the state allowed rate. One is for individual student services and one is for special education programs. Use this link for the Special Education Expenditure Report, instructions and all other related forms.


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