Act 68 of 2003

Act 68 of 2003 amends the education funding system created by Act 60 of 1997 and has additional educational policy provisions. NOTE: View background information about Act 60.
ACT 68 LINKS AND RESOURCES (Updated 8/19/09)
  Highlights of Act 68 of 2003
View highlights of the Act as described in the Legislative Summary for 2003.
  Overview of Vermont's Education Funding System (June 2011)(Updated 2/10/12)
This June 2011 document summarizes various aspects of the funding system and provides several examples.
  Complete Text of Act 68 of 2003
The complete text of Act 68 on the Vermont Legislature's Web site.

Commissioner's Recommendations on Education Mandates and the Removal of Burdensome Requirements
Section 43 of Act 68 of 2003 states that the commissioner of education shall remove or revise unnecessarily burdensome or redundant requirements placed on local school districts as presented (below) in the "Report of the Vermont School Boards Association (VSBA), the Vermont Superintendents Association (VSA), and the Principals' Association (PA) on Education Mandates and the Removal of Burdensome Requirements." The commissioner presented these mandates recommendations to the State Board of Education and the legislature on January 15, 2004.


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