Act 44 of 2009, Section 39

Act 44 of 2009, Section 39, includes requirements of Vermont schools and the department;specifically, "it is a priority of the general assembly and the Agency of Education to take all necessary measures to increase the Vermont secondary school completion rate to 100 percent by the year 2020."

While the graduation rates for Vermont schools are good in comparison to other states, we cannot be satisfied as long as any student falls short of successful completion. Vermont has made a commitment to improving its graduation rate to 100% by 2020. Striving to meet this lofty goal will require that Vermont schools employ innovative, transformative practices designed to help every student enter on a pathway to successful completion. The information below will highlight some of the practices currently in use that have proven effective. At its essence, the "One Hundred Percent By 2020 Initiative" creates the expectation that students who "require additional assistance to be successful in school" will be identified as early as possible, that "an individualized strategy" will be developed for those students, and that "flexible pathways to graduation" will be available to all students in every school.

  • Educational Support Teams
    Primary responsibility for meeting these essential expectations resides with the Educational Support Teams at each school. Therefore, information which may be helpful to those teams can be found on the Web pages related to the Educational Support System.

  • Effective Practices
    It is also very important that effective practices be shared broadly. Therefore, the department will develop and encourage the use of mechanisms for reporting on the work being done throughout Vermont in the effort to achieve our goal. Effective practices identified to date can be found in the document, Flexible Pathways to Graduation.

  Act 44: An Act Relating to Making Miscellaneous Amendments to Education Law
View bookmarked sections of Act 44 related to the One Hundred Percent by 2020 Initiative Policy: educational support systems and educational support teams; preventing early school failure; reading instructions; high school completion program, graduation education plan, guidelines; measuring secondary school completion rates; and flexible pathways to graduation.
  Flexible Pathways to Graduation Resources
View links and brief annotations that may help in the development of a school's toolkit of flexible pathways to graduation.


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