Act 153: Regional Education District

These communities, over the last six months, have given themselves permission to let go of where they have been and start thinking about where they are going. - Secretary Rebecca Holcombe.

With the passage of Act 46 of 2015 (H.361), An act relating to making amendments to education funding, education spending, and education governance; districts and supervisory unions will be transitioning to preferred structures of governance by 2020. Learn more about Act 46: Unification.

Act 153 only applies to school districts that have completed or initiated a Regional Education District (RED) merger.

Sample Articles of Agreement Prior to Passage of Act 46

See sample articles of agreements and other reports from Vermont districts who have explored mergers. Not all of these examples were implemented, but exist as examples for review.

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Act 153 of 2010

Act 153 of 2010 (Sections 1 - 8) identifies specific provisions of the legislation addressing voluntary school district merger, virtual merger and supervisory union duties. A Regional Education District (RED) is a specialized type of union school district which affords its member districts certain incentives if they create a union school district that has specific characteristics.

Act 156 of 2012

Act 156 of 2012, while the title of this act reads as "An act relating to prevention, identification, and reporting of child abuse and neglect at independent schools", the act contains a major set of amendments to Act 153 of 2010 including:


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