Act 153 of 2010

The Merge: The Story Behind the Controversy
This film was produced by students at U32 High School's Media Lab for a series called "Local Matters." The film focuses on the factors that are forcing school districts to consider consolidating and the issues the decision raises.
What is a RED? Act 153 of 2010
Act 156 of 2012 (Amendments) Contact

  A Regional Education District (RED) is a specialized type of union school district which affords its member districts certain incentives if they create a union school district that has specific characteristics.
ACT 153 OF 2010
  Complete Legislation of Act 153 of 2010 (Sections 1 - 8)
Use this link to view specific provisions of the legislation that address voluntary school district merger, virtual merger and supervisory union duties.

Regional Education District (RED) Creation Template
A template has been created by the agency in order to assist districts that are interested in considering the creation of a Regional Education District (RED). The template is provided in the following formats:

ACT 156 OF 2012 (AMENDMENTS TO ACT 153 OF 2010)

Complete Legislation of Act 156 of 2012
While the title of this act reads as "An act relating to prevention, identification, and reporting of child abuse and neglect at independent schools", the act contains a major set of amendments to Act 153 of 2010 including:

  • Expansion of the types of mergers eligible for reimbursement
  • Extension of the deadlines for implementation of the special education and transportation provisions

Act 156 Application Process for Study Grants

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