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Photo of Adam Bunting Adam Bunting is the Principal at Montpelier High School; this is his second year in the position and is enjoying the experience tremendously. Adam has worked as an English teacher, coach, and principal in Vermont for the past 14 years.

When I was a student, my high school principal used to say, "If you want to find the learning, follow the laughter." Like her, I believe that joy, humor, and fun are the signs of a creative and dynamic learning environment. When we are able to laugh, we are able to take the risks that we need to take to learn. We are open and receptive to new experiences. Conversely, though, how much real joy do you see or laughter do you hear when we don't feel safe?

Safety is the precursor to anything we hope to accomplish in our schools. When we don't feel safe, we are closed to risk and new experiences. We are closed to the joy and laughter that should be in classrooms. Thus at Montpelier High School, like many schools in Vermont, we have three rules: (1) Take care of yourself, (2) Take care of each other, and (3) Take care of the place.

It is our hope that our students will carry these simple rules with them when they leave our school. It is our hope that they will help the bigger world be a little safer… and a little more joyful.

Page Last Updated on December 4, 2014