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Photo of Christian Terry Chritian Terry Christian Terry is a sophomore at Bellows Falls Union High School, where he plays football, basketball and baseball. Christian is co-class president and is an active member on the student council. He has a passion for music and wants to be a band instructor. Christian plays clarinet and percussion fluently, is a drummer in a jazz band and a member of the Springfield Community Band, and is learning to play the sax, flute, piano and trumpet. In 2014 he was selected to go to HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership), where he learned how to lead and to be a positive role model.

One thing each of us, as students, can do is “dress for success.” What you wear relates to school safety because you can have wrong (inappropriate) messages/symbols on your shirt, shorts that are too short or pants that hang too low, for example. What we wear and how we wear it can make people uncomfortable. We should think about the environment we are creating; a large part of school safety is creating an environment where people feel comfortable coming to school.

We need to be careful of the language we use when speaking to other people. It’s up to us to be safe, to be respectful. Think about the words you use; if we call people names and harm our classmates, or even teachers, it can lead to mental, and perhaps physical, damage. Unfortunately, we cannot control what people think so let’s all do our part and remember our actions have an impact on people. Think of yourself as a spark, if you become hot and burn people, you will hurt them. On the other hand, you can be happy, calm and safe, and show that compassion to others.

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