Blog Entry by Jamie Evans

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Photo of Jamie Evans Jamie Evans is the Facilities Director and electrician for Spaulding High School. He oversees the maintenance operations of the school, which includes implementing safety measures for the building. Jamie is a graduate of the school as well as a parent of a student at Spaulding High School.

Safety in a school is important for all people. There are the students, teachers, administrators, facility staff, volunteers, and the public who all deserve to feel safe. The students need to feel safe in order to help them feel comfortable so that they can learn. The teachers need a safe environment so that they're in a position to educate students that are ready for the challenge. The facility as a whole needs to feel safe so as the community gathers in the school building, it lends to memorable events.

Safety tip: Don't feel intrusive for asking a visitor at your school to show ID if you see them without a visitor's badge. Just let them know that you're just helping to keep the school safe.

Page Last Updated on December 4, 2014