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Photo of Julie Regimbal Julie Regimbal is the Interim Superintendent and Director of Special Education for the Franklin Central Supervisory Union. Julie is a member of the Vermont Council of Special Education Administrators executive board.

Brain research tells us that for students to achieve and be ready to learn, they need to feel relaxed and safe in their environment. Parents can support their children in developing empathy and good problem solving strategies. Teachers can have clear and fair expectations of behavior in their classrooms and model them. Specialists can teach children and young adults the social / emotional skills they need to be safe and productive students. Leadership can ensure that systems are in place to know everyone who is in our school building and why they are there.

Why do we need a crisis plan? Unfortunately, there have been incidents in our schools. Our students and families need the assurance that we can respond to a crisis. We may need to respond to a chemical spill on the railroad or interstate. We may need to address someone with a weapon in or near one of our schools.

The principal is one of the most important leaders in a school safety planning process. The supervisory union as a whole needs to work together so that we are clear in our response and support of the school in a crisis situation. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Page Last Updated on December 4, 2014