Let's Talk about School Safety

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Morgan MacIver

Morgan MacIver is a junior at Twinfield Union School. Throughout her high school career she has focused on advocating for student voice through Youth and Adults Transforming Schools Together (YATST) and Twinfield's Student Council. She is about to begin her second as a student representative on the Vermont State Board of Education. Morgan looks forward to traveling after graduating high school. 

If a student is concerned with the safety of themselves or another student they should immediately tell an adult in their school. A guidance counselor, principal, or trusted teacher are all great people to turn to for help. They will be understanding and supportive. They would never call someone a "tattle-tale" or judge anyone because it's their job to make sure every student feels safe at school. If a student doesn't feel comfortable telling an adult in their school then they should let a parent or guardian know so they can notify the school.

One easy thing that would help all students feel safe and welcome in school is a smile. If it looks like a classmate is having a bad day, it helps to smile and say hello. It's important to be mindful of everyone and their feelings. Look out for each other and offer support if someone needs it. 

Page Last Updated on December 4, 2014