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Photo of Stephen Earley Stephen Earley is the Chair of the Vermont School Crisis Planning Team and a school safety consultant. He administered the Public Safety/Home Security grant of 2008-2011 which brought updated school safety guidelines and trained facilitators for schools throughout the state. Mr. Earley retired from public education after thirty-two years as a teacher and school administrator and holds degrees from Castleton State College, University of New Hampshire, and University of Vermont (UVM). He has presented school safety issues for local, state, and national organizations and co-teaches the Crisis Planning and Response course for the UVM Continuing Education Program.

The Vermont School Crisis Panning Team is a valuable resource which exists to support schools and communities with their safety plans. This volunteer group of responders, educators, and law enforcement personnel published the Vermont School Crisis Guide 2012 to encourage all Vermonters to help create safe environments and emergency response plans for our schools.

Effective school emergency operation plans need our combined experiences to keep our students safe from threats and hazards and address safety needs before, during and after an incident occurs. The Vermont School Crisis Guide and ongoing updates can be accessed through the Department of Public Safety, Emergency Management and Home Security website: http://dps.vermont.gov/demhs.

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