Alternative Licensure Program (Peer Review)

Most individuals wishing to become licensed as teachers or administrators have graduated from state approved preparation programs and received a recommendation for licensure from their institution. Vermont has created an "alternative route to licensure" for those who wish to become licensed educators but have not completed a traditional educator preparation program at a college or university. Vermont's alternate route is called License by Evaluation or "Peer Review."

Peer Review is for individuals who have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to meet the Core Teaching Standards for Vermont Educators and the competencies and requirements for the endorsements they seek through coursework and experiences, rather than through a preparation program.

NOTE: Peer Review is NOT an alternate preparation program. Acceptance into the Peer Review process requires a baccalaureate degree.

Peer Review Application Form

Frequently asked Questions: Peer Review Application

Read these frequently asked questions before contacting the Licensing Office

Professional Attributes and Dispositions Verification

Vermont's Alternative Licensure Program: Peer Review - Handbook for Applicants This handbook is designed to provide the prospective Peer Review applicant with the information needed to:

Peer Review Overview/Fact Sheet This document provides a brief overview of the four stages of the Peer Review process and associated fees, including links to all necessary additional documents.

Core Teaching Standards for Vermont Educators

Endorsement Competencies and Requirements Supplement A (5440) to the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE) Manual of Rules provides a list and description of all recognized endorsement areas. Use this link to view a list of endorsement areas with links to authorization statements and competency requirements in the appropriate section of the supplement.

Clinics for Peer Review Candidates

The department offers monthly peer review clinics to provide support for candidates who are considering peer review or who would like a consultation as they prepare their portfolios. Questions will be answered and exemplary portfolios will be available for candidates to view. Clinic attendance is required and candidates should register by contacting Jessica Kobb, Peer Review Consultant, at

Peer Review Clinic dates can be found on our calendar of events page.


Jessica Kobb at or (802) 479-7461

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