Initial Licensure

There are two routes to becoming a licensed educator in Vermont


  Traditional Route


  Vermont's Alternative Route known as Peer Review


The traditional route requires:

  • Completion of a state approved educator preparation program at a college or university through a bachelor, post-baccaleaurate or masters degree program,

    recommendation for licensing from the institution at the time of graduation. (If the Licensing Office needs clarification on your recommendation for licensure we will contact your institution for you.)


NOTE: All candidates who apply through the traditional route must also meet other licensing requirements which include testing, fingerprinting, etc.

  If you qualify under the traditional route, download, complete and submit an Application for Initial Licensure.
  If you do NOT qualify under the traditional route, view information and resources about "alternate" licensure (Peer Review).

All Licensing applications have been temporarily removed from the website for revision. We anticipate revised applications will be placed back up on the website the week of January 1, 2015.

  The following forms are part of the application packet for requesting an initial Vermont educator's license. These forms are offered as PDF documents which must be downloaded to your computer, printed and then completed.

NOTE: This application packet MAY NOT be e-mailed or FAXed to the department for processing.
  • Application Packet for Initial Vermont Educator License
    Use the link above to download the complete packet of required forms, including information for completing the application.

  • Return Receipt Complete this form to receive verification of receipt of your application packet by the department.

  • Criminal Record Check Packet
    Use this link to download the complete packet of required forms. Review page 2 "CRC Flowchart for Fingerprint Supported Criminal Record Check Form" to determine which forms you need to complete.

Additional Information



NOTE: Initial Educator License Application Packet

  • Incomplete applications will be returned.
  • All required items must be enclosed.
  • Checks must be dated within 30 days and forms must be dated within 6 months.
  • Check OR Money Order for $160.00 (Level I review and licensing fee) made out to the Vermont AOE - Licensing Office.
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