Reinstatement of License


Reinstatement is the process by which a license is reactivated after it has lapsed. A license lapses the day after the date of expiration if the license has not been renewed prior to that date.


All Licensing applications have been temporarily removed from the website for revision. We anticipate revised applications will be placed back up on the website the week of January 1, 2015.


The following forms are part of the application packet for requesting a reinstatement of an educator license. These forms are offered as PDF documents which must be downloaded to your computer, printed and then completed either by hand or on a typewriter.

NOTE: This application packet MAY NOT be e-mailed or FAXed to the agency for processing.


Application Packet for Reinstatement of an Educator License
Use this link to download the complete packet of required forms (including information for completing the reinstatement application).

  Return Receipt
Complete this form to receive verification of receipt of your renewal application packet by the agency.
  Criminal Record Check Packet
Use this link to download the complete packet of required forms. Review page 2 "CRC Flowchart for Fingerprint Supported Criminal Record Check Form" to determine which forms you need to complete.
  For questions or additional information about the reinstatement process, contact the licensing office at (802) 479-1700 or


Susan Yesalonia at or (802) 479-1723

Page Last Updated on December 8, 2014