Renewing a Level II License

On December 26, 2014 new VSBPE Rule changes went into effect, view the rules hereAt this time all licensing application forms and materials are being prepared to reflect the new VSBPE Rules. Applications will be posted back up on the website as completed.

Attention Renewing Educators:
If you are renewing your Level I, Level II or Retired license in 2015, please register and update your contact information in the Vermont Online Licensing System for EducatorsIt is imperative that you complete the employment section of your profile to assure you are linked to the proper Local and Regional Standards Board.

Educators renewing through the AOE have two options to renew, either online or via paper applications (upon request). You will need to update your profile and if interested in receiving a paper application, communicate this to the Licensing Office via:

If you are an educator currently working in a Vermont public school district or a school served by an LSB or RSB, you cannot renew your license using the forms on this page. You are required to renew your license/endorsement through your LSB/RSB

The information on this page applies ONLY to educators licensed with a Level II endorsement and who are currently NOT working in a public school or school served by a local standards board (LSB) or regional standards board (RSB). To renew a level II license, you are required to document nine (9) professional development credits/endorsement. Three (3) of those credits need to apply directly to the performance and knowledge standards of your endorsement. The remaining six (6) must fall within the A Vision for Teaching, Leading, and Learning: Core Teaching and Leadership Standards for Vermont Educators.

Use the following links for Level II information related to:

  Use the following instructions, forms and resources to develop your renewal packet:
  Instructions, Forms & Resources

Professional Development Verification Worksheet
Nine (9) professional development credits are required for each Level II endorsement. You will need to complete a separate verification worksheet for each endorsement due for renewal. Download the worksheet and a list of qualifying activities:

  Professional Development References & Resources
  Instructions, Forms & Resources
Download the needed instructions, forms and resources using the links below. NOTE: Beginning in 2012, when you renew your license you will be required to submit a portfolio that documents how you have met the goals outlined in the IPDP that you developed and submitted.

A Vision for Teaching, Leading, and Learning: Core Teaching and Leadership Standards for Vermont Educators
Includes both the Core Teaching and Leadership Standards for Vermont Educators. Together these standards form a blueprint for the performances and essential knowledge that every educator should strive towards to ensure that all preK-12 students are college and career ready. The Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators (VSBPE) has chosen to also include the Learning Forward standards for professional learning in this book because of the increasing importance of professional growth and reflection in schools. Finally, this document includes the Code of Professional Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

Performance and Knowledge Standards of Your Endorsement
Before you begin, you will find it useful to have a copy of the performance and knowledge standards of your specific endorsement in hand. The performance and knowledge standards describe what you are expected to know and execute in the classroom. Using them as a reference will help you integrate the standards of your endorsement into your goals. Use the link above to find the standards for your particular endorsement. NOTE: You must address at least one performance or knowledge standard of your endorsement area within at least one of your three goals. If you hold more than one endorsement, then you must address at least one performance or knowledge standard for each endorsement.     

The Vermont Relicensing Process: A Reflection of Ongoing Professional Growth, A Handbook for Educators
This document guides you through the relicensing cycle which includes self-assessment, development of goals, professional development, implementation of learning, reflection upon that learning and returning again to self assessment. In particular, refer to Section Four (pages 25-30) "Documenting Your Learning through Description and Reflection: The Relicensure Portfolio".


BEFORE you submit your material for renewal, don't forget to include:

  • Your completed Professional Development Verification Worksheet
  • Artifacts (copies are fine) documenting your professional development
  • Your signed renewal form
  • Legal Forms
  • Orange return postcard (NOTE: This postcard will be returned to you indicating the date your materials were received here at the department. DO NOT DISCARD THIS DOCUMENT; IT IS PROOF THAT THE AGENCY RECEIVED YOUR MATERIALS.)
  • Level II renewal fee per renewal instructions made out to: "VT AOE-Licensing"
  Those interested in licensing information may contact the Licensing Office by phone or e-mail.

Page Last Updated on January 26, 2015