Retired Educator License Renewal


The information on this page pertains to educators who currently hold or who are considering applying for a Vermont Retired Educator License. In April of 2008, the regulations governing the licensing of educators underwent several updates. One of the changes/updates impacted the Retired Educator's License (Section 5424).


All Licensing applications have been temporarily removed from the website for revision. We anticipate revised applications will be placed back up on the website as they are completed.


Retired Educator License Requirements
In order to apply for the Retired Educator License, the following requirements must be met:

  • Hold a valid Level II License
  • Have 15 years licensed experience
  • Have withdrawn from active service or will withdraw from active service within six months
  • Are receiving or will receive within six months any Educators' Retirement Allowance
  • Completed 3 professional development credits (45 hours), in each endorsement area, within 3 years of application

Vermont Retired Educator License Application
The application for a Vermont Retired Educator License is NOT available for download. If interested, contact the Educator Licensing Office at (802) 479-1700 or e-mail

Knowledge and Performance Standards of Your Endorsement
Educators who meet the requirements to apply for a Retired Educator License or retired educators renewing their Retired Educator License need to have one (1) credit/15 hours of the required three (3) credits/45 hours of professional development align with the specific knowledge and performance standards of the endorsement(s) being applied for or renewed. Use this link to access the "endoresements" Web page.

Regulation 5424 – Retired Educator License
NOTE: This link will open to the appropriate section in the complete regulations document. If your particular browser AOEs not support this function, access regulation 5424 using the bookmark provided in the lefthand column within the PDF or go to page 16 of the document.

Retired Educator License Renewal Instructions
This document provides information on how to renew a Retired Educator License and instructions for completing each of the forms.

  Those interested in licensing information may contact the Licensing Office by phone or e-mail.


Deb Giles at or (802) 479-1722

Page Last Updated on January 29, 2015