Transcript Review

Important Memo on Academic Review for Administrators



The following forms are part of the application packet for requesting a transcript review for an educator license. Please download and complete the appropriate forms.

NOTE: This application packet MAY NOT be e-mailed or faxed to the department for processing.


All Licensing applications have been temporarily removed from the website for revision. We anticipate revised applications will be placed back up on the website the week of January 1, 2015.


Using the steps below, download the forms required for the endorsement(s) you are seeking.

  1. Download and complete the How to Complete the Transcript Review Process & Application document.

  2. Find your requested endorsement area and download and complete the appropriate transcript review worksheets.

  3. If this is your initial endorsement, please download and complete the Core Teaching Standards for Vermont Educators Worksheet. To be completed only by applicants for initial licensure through transcript review in the following endorsement areas: Business Education, Career and Technical Education, Career and Technical Education Special Needs Coordinator, Design and Technology Education, Driver and Traffic Safety Education (Full endorsement ONLY), Educational Technology Specialist, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Education (UNTIL October, 2015), Work-Based Learning Coordinator, ** Driver and Traffic Safety Education (In Vehicle Instruction ONLY), ** Library Media Specialist.

  4. Initial applicants must also document an equivalent learning experience via an alternative means by downloading and completing the Student Teaching Alternative Experience Worksheet.

  5. All educators seeking initial Vermont licensure must meet passing scores on the Praxis tests unless they fall under one of the exemption categories.

  6. Finally, download and fill out the return receiptform to be notified that your materials have been received.
  Use the following worksheets for the requested endorsements:
Educator Endorsement Areas  
  Art (02)
  Associate School Nurse (65A)
  Bilingual Education (39)
  Blind and Visually Impaired (67)
  Business and Administration (03)
  Career & Technical Education (17)
  Career & Technical Education School Counseling Coordinator (73)
  Career & Technical Education Special Needs Coordinator (87)
  Computer Science (14)
  Consulting Teacher (85)
  Dance (38)
  Design & Technology Education (10)
  Driver & Traffic Safety Education (30)
  Early Childhood Education (36)
  Early Childhood Special Educator (80)
  Educational Speech Language Pathologist (84)
  Educational Technology Specialist (42)
  Elementary Education (00)
  English (05)
  English as a Second Language (ESL) (40)
  Family and Consumer Sciences (09)
  Health Education (31)
  Intensive Special Education Teacher (81)
  Junior ROTC (16)  
  Library Media Specialist (61)  
  Mathematics (11)
  Middle Grades (19)
  Modern and Classical Languages (06)
  Music (12)

Online Teaching Specialist (25)

  Experienced Online Teaching Specialist (25)
  Physical Education (08)
  Reading/English Language Arts Coordinator (78)
  Reading/English Language Arts Specialist (76)
  School Counselor (64)
  School Nurse (65)  
  School Psychologist (66)  
  School Social Worker (54)
  Science (13)
  Social Studies (15)
  Special Educator (82)
  Theater Arts (37)
  Work Based Learning Coordinator PDF
Administrator Endorsement Areas
  MEMO: Becoming a Vermont Administrator  

Director of Curriculum (93)

  Experienced Director of Curriculum (93)
  Director of Special Education (86) 
  Superintendent (90)  
  Principal (91)
  Career and Technical Center Director (92)
  Assistant Director for Adult Education (20) 

For questions or additional information about the transcript review process, contact the licensing office at (802) 479-1700 or The Licensing Office is now accepting electronic transcripts. We only accept electronic transcripts sent directly from a college or institution.


Susan Yesalonia at or (802) 479-1723

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