Peer Review (Alternate Route to Licensure)

Vermont offers an "alternate route to licensure" for those who have not completed a traditional educator preparation program at a college or university. Vermont's alternate route is called License by Evaluation or "Peer Review."

NOTE: Acceptance into the Peer Review process requires a baccalaureate degree.

Application Information

Apply to the Peer Review Program in ALiS

Step by Step Guide: Applying to Peer Review in ALiS

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview / Fact Sheet


Professional Verification

The Licensing Office accepts Official Transcripts via email:

Peer Review Clinics

Peer Review Clinics are for educators that are interested in learning more about the Peer Review program. 

To register for the Peer Review Clinic please choose a date from the available clinics, and contact: Please be aware that there are limited spaces available for each clinic, so please register in advance.

Peer Review Overview

Read an overview of the four stages of the Peer Review process and associated fees, including links to all necessary additional documents.


License Application Checklists

Core Teaching Standards for Vermont Educators

Endorsement Competencies and Requirements 

Peer Review Program or Peer Review Extension


Catherine Franks, Peer Review Program Coordinator, at or (802) 479-1714

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