Temporary License


Vermont Educator Licensure is required when federal funds are being received.┬áLicensing Rules state that temporary license applications may be sent by a: “superintendent or director of an independent school”. An educator may not submit an application for a provisional or emergency license; only a Superintendent may do so. To obtain an application for a Provisional or Emergency License Superintendent's may email requests to: AOE.ProvisionalandEmergency@state.vt.us.

There are three types of temporary licenses offered through the Vermont Agency of Education; provisional, emergency and apprenticeship licenses.

Provisional and Emergency Licenses
Provisional and emergency licenses are temporary licenses designed to assist districts that have advertised and are unable to fill vacant positions with suitable licensed candidates. Use this link to view Rule 5350 in the Rules Governing the Licensing of Educators and the Preparation of Educational Professionals (Vermont Standards Board for Professional Educators - VSBPE). NOTE: An educator cannot initiate an application for a provisional or emergency license; only a superintendent may do so.

Apprenticeship License
An apprenticeship license is a three year temporary license issued to unlicensed educators employed in a Vermont technical center in a technical professional or trades and industry endorsement. Requirements include a Technical Professional Development Plan approved by the Director of the Career and Technical Teacher Education Program at Vermont Technical College. NOTE: An educator cannot initiate an application for an apprenticeship license. Requests for apprenticeship licenses are initiated by the director of a career and technical center.

  For more information about temporary licenses, contact the licensing office.

Page Last Updated on December 8, 2014