Child Nutrition

The agency's Child Nutrition Programs staff administer the federal programs that support nutritious meals and snacks in schools, daycare settings and summer program sites, ensuring that nutritious, high-quality meals and snacks are served to program participants in all eligible sites in Vermont. The Agency supports program sponsors through program guidance, technical assistance, training, monitoring and evaluation to assure that every program receives the maximum federal and state funding available.

Education: Join the Conversation (Episode 2 - Nutrition)

Legal & Technical Resources Related to Life-Threatening Chronic Allergies and Illnesses in Schools (Act 158)

This document contains information that may help schools while they are assessing and addressing the needs of students with life threatening allergies and life-threatening chronic illnesses. With a chart of live links to related legal and technical resources and contact numbers for agency staff that may address specific subtopics within this topic, this will be a useful tool for school staff serving students with these conditions.

Non-Discrimination Statement


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