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USDA Foods Distribution Program for Schools

This page is for Vermont schools and other agencies who receive food through the USDA Foods Program. It includes links to the documents, tools, and websites you'll need to order food and stay on top of related issues.

USDA Food Updates

It's time for schools to start placing their USDA Foods orders for School Year 2014-2015.  Schools should plan their orders using the catalog worksheet, and then submit their orders through WBSCM. Orders are due in WBSCM by Friday, April 11, 2014.

USDA Foods Catalog Worksheet for School Year 2014-2015

The Excel version of the worksheet will do the math for you if you fill it out on your computer.

USDA Foods Catalog Worksheet for School Year 2014-2015

Use this version of you want to print out the worksheet and fill it in by hand.

Note: Both worksheets print on legal size paper.

If you would like assistance placing your order, please click here (link to: to sign up for WBSCM refresher training.  These trainings are happening around Vermont in March 2014, and are free and open to all food service managers.

Ordering USDA Foods Online

The 2013-14 school year will mark the first time schools will be able to request food for the year and manage their own food and deliveries using the Web-Based Supply Chain Management System (WBSCM).


WBSCM Training Guide (School Year 2014)

Guide to Releasing Your USDA Foods from The Reinhart Foodservice Warehouse

Finding Your Entitlement in WBSCM

How to Run A Requisition Status Report

DoD Fresh

The DoD Fresh Program allows schools to use their USDA Foods entitlement to purchase a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for their school food service programs.

DoD Fresh Manual A guide to using the FFAVORS online ordering system to order DoD Fresh produce


DoD Fresh Fact Sheet USDA fact sheet on how the DoD Fresh Program works, and how schools can use DoD Fresh to buy local produce. 

DoD Fresh: The BasicsUSDA Webinar on DoD Fresh, featuring our own Steve Davis, the Director of Nutrition & Food Services foe Colchester School District.

Program Information and Procedures

USDA Foods Fact Sheets

USDA Foods Complaint Procedure

How USDA Foods support the new National School Lunch Program meal pattern requirements

Disaster Feeding Guidance for School Food Authorities

Recipes using USDA Foods

Recipes for Healthy Kids

Recipes for School Food Service


How to Order USDA Foods Webinar

Note: You may have to install the GoToMeeting codec to watch this webinar
This Webinar, presented by Laurie Colgan and Rosie Krueger, will teach
you how to use the catalog & cost compare worksheets and make the most of your school's USDA entitlement.


USDA Quick Links

Other Links: Safety


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