Agency Resources - Vermont PLP Process

Agency Resources

The Vermont Agency of Education and the Vermont Personalized Learning Plan Work Group have developed a series of resources to help schools consider ways in which they can plan for and implement Personalized Learning Plans. These resources will enable educators to work with their community members, parents, educators, and students to create a process and a product that considers the assets of the school and community while remaining focused on the unique qualities that each student brings to the learning process.

Take the Self-Assessment

The Vermont Personalized Learning Plan Work Group has developed a comprehensive on-line self-assessment process for Vermont schools to support planning for implementation of Personalized Learning Plans at the district and school level.

Personalized Learning Plans Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework outlines the process that supports the development and use of the Personalized Learning Plans.

Critical Elements of Personalized Learning Plan

The Critical Elements provided on this site outline the minimum components that need to be included in a Personalized Learning Plan in alignment with state statute.

Personalized Learning Plan Samples

The choice of formats for Personalized Learning Plans is a local school decision that should be made paying attention to local needs, structures, and capacity. The Vermont PLP Work Group developed a sample PLP template and illustrated what this might look like for a student.

Webinar Archive

The Vermont Agency of Education is dedicated to providing resources to support schools in the development of a Personalized Learning Plan process and product. To this end, they will provide webinars on topics relevant to Personalized Learning Plans and multiple and flexible pathways.

Agency Staff

Contact information for Vermont Agency of Education staff and Vermont's PLP Workgroup.

Implementation Timeline

This graphic organizer clarifies the timeline established for implementation based on the language of Act 77.

Crosswalk of Student Plans

The crosswalk provides clarity regarding the differences in form, purpose, and function of Personalized Learning Plans, educational support teams, plans created pursuant to section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and individualized education programs (IEPs).


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